Skechers GOwalk Sport

June 26, 2017

Product Review

It’s no secret that our family loves Skechers. We basically wear it everyday to everywhere possible. I have even told my best friend that I want to wear Skechers to her wedding… And I’m part of the bridesmaid party. Haha!

So, when I was offered a pair of the latest Skechers GOwalk Sport, I couldn’t say no. I mean, just look at what a beauty this pair is!

This is by far one of the most versatile pair of Skechers I’ve owned. The GOwalk Sport in Black/White practically goes with everything in my wardrobe.

Besides looking good, the Gowalk Sport feels good too. From the unique outsole design which provides support and traction to the high-rebound cushioned insole for maximum comfort, the GOwalk Sport is also really light-weight.

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All these features combined together made outings with the children a lot easier on my feet, knees and back. I often wondered if my body would’ve broken down after a full day out, if I hadn’t worn a good pair of shoes!

Jump Flying shots are easy-peasy tasks with the right shoes!

Taking off now!

每个人都需要一双好鞋, 因为好的鞋子会带你去好的地方。

Loosely translated: Everyone needs a pair of good shoes, because a pair of good shoes can take you to a good place.

I truly believe in this quote. I believe that in order to be in a good place (regardless of where you’re physically at), one has to feel good and be absolutely comfortable. There really is no other way around it!

And when you’re in a good place, everyone around you can feel it too!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Skechers GOwalk Sport for the purpose of this review. Special thanks to my friend, Natasha, for helping me with some of the photos taken above!

  1. I need a new pair of Skechers! I wore Skechers during Scandinavia trip and walked so much for 2 weeks without a problem. The last day my hubby asked me wear my other shoes (coz luggage no space and the skechers took up less space in the luggage), kao! Walk half day my leg aching liao. Point is… I’ve come to borrow your membership card.

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