Patience Required

January 17, 2019

To all who are still reading and supporting my blog, waiting patiently for new posts:

I haven’t been writing much for my blog lately, cos my desktop died a couple of months ago, and I’ve been working off a tiny tablet with a RAM that is much smaller than my cellphone.

Initially, I had plans to head out to purchase a new desktop, but seeing how the children’s weekend activities are of greater priority, I’ve abandoned that plan indefinitely.

I no longer have access to my photo and video editing softwares (amongst many, many other files), so I’ve been relying on the apps on my cellphone instead. Thank goodness for the smartphone era!

But all these take a lot more time to work (fingers fat, screen small), and each post I create now easily takes up twice the amount of time needed from before.

So while I’m doing my best to publish new posts, especially about my recent travel hibernation halt, I hope you’ll stick around.

Slowly, but surely, the posts will start to come through.

P.s. This entire post was written out on my cellphone. Haha!

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