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Family Trip to Taiwan: The Convenience Stores

July 23, 2019

The hotel we stayed in Taipei City, Caesar Metro, was conveniently located near a 7-11 and Longshan Temple MRT station (龍山寺站).

I know night markets are usually the rave when it comes to food, when you’re in Taiwan, but I’d like to take a moment to remember how much I love their 7-11 and similar convenient stores – Hi-Life and FamilyMart.

First off, oden (關東煮). Everything is boiled till it’s all soft and soaked with the soup – just how I like my food to be when eating hotpots. Super delicious and cheap too!

The next two delicious items were discovered in the 7-11 near Caesar Metro – Caramel Egg Pudding and 7-11 house brand Taiwan Beef Noodles Bento!

We have watched this advertisement again and again in the mornings we spent at the 7-11, having our breakfast. Love how they have a space for customers to sit and eat!

This caramel egg pudding is one awesome wobbly goodness. The children and I loved it so much, we got it for dessert to eat back in the hotel! Sadly, I’ve been unable to find something similar in Singapore. If anyone knows where I can get some, please let me know!

Why can’t our 7-11 carry this Taiwan Beef Noodles too!?

This beef noodles is mad awesome. The noodles are really Q and the generous portion of beef is tender! Sean had it for breakfast two mornings in a row, and I got myself my own bowl on the second day, after having a taste from his bowl!

Just writing this post is making my mouth water and seriously missing some of the food found in the convenience stores in Taiwan. So I’m gonna just end it here.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can find such delicious goodness, or its equivalent (taste and price wise), in Singapore, let me know!

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