Meet the Children

S.E.A. Aquarium

September 3, 2019

Our visit to S.E.A. Aquarium back in the March school holidays has been long overdue. The last time we visited was back in 2016!

Whilst some things have changed since our last visit, like the entrance to the aquarium, others have remained the same.

The children spent quite some time in Shark Seas Habitat – from watching the shark tank as they were fascinated by the divers swimming with the sharks to reading and learning all about the different types of sharks.

After the sharks, we entered the colourful world of Live Coral Habitat!

The little fishes were a little difficult to capture with my mobile phone’s camera cos they were so fast!

We moved onto Central and South American Habitat and learnt so much about the different types of Angelfish.

This was also the place where I really saw how similar yet different my children are.

On this trip, Blake will take a quick look of the fishes first before heading off to read the description of all the various fishes, then returns to spot them and tell Nakayla and me about it. Nakayla, on the other hand, will find a nice space to park herself at to look at the fishes, whilst waiting for Blake to return.

After spending almost two hours just going pass three out of the seven habitats within the aquarium, we took a quick lunch break in front of the fourth habitat – Open Ocean Habitat.

Honestly, the prices for the muffins and corn dogs are pretty okay, but the drink prices were absolutely shocking – $5 per can! So if you do go to S.E.A. Aquarium, bring a big water bottle! We brought a regular 500ml bottle, thinking we’d be able to refill it, but there are no water stations… Sigh.

Whilst trying to make our way out of Open Ocean Habitat, we chanced upon an ongoing craft session and the children promptly sat themselves down to get to work. Haha!

And look who came by at the most perfect timing possible – just after their artwork was done!

We continued our exploration a little faster from hereon as the children were tired and were ready to head home.

One of the exhibits that caught our attention while we were on our way out was the sea jellies. With the sea jellies floating around graciously as the light changes from one colour to another, it was simply mesmerizing!

Another sea creature that caught the children’s attention was the sea star. They were intrigued and fascinated by the under side of it!

After spending 4 hours at the aquarium, we finally bade farewell and headed home.

We might return again soon, and I’ll be sure to prepare proper food for lunch the next time we visit!

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