Meet the Parents

Family Trip to Taiwan: The First Night

March 8, 2019

It’s been 11 years since I have set foot in another country. The last trip out was to Hainan back in December 2007. Fast forward to December 2018, my travel hibernation came to a temporary halt. My parents organized a huge family vacation to Taiwan and when I told the children about it, they were […]

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Safari Zoo Run 2019: Race Day

February 26, 2019

Safari Zoo Run 2019 has come and gone! And for the first time, we were early enough to snag a photo with the mascots, Ah Meng and Sunny, during their meet and greet session! This year, we participated in the non-competitive category, Safari Zoo Walk (4km), which featured a new race route, bringing participants through […]

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Bespoke Photography: Outdoor Family Photoshoot

February 13, 2019

Having an outdoor family photoshoot is an annual family tradition for us that I insisted on starting a few years ago. And recently, Bespoke Photography reached out to us for our 2019 family photoshoot! The hour long session with our friendly photographer produced more than 80 photos and here are my top 10 favourite photos, […]

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Patience Required

January 17, 2019

To all who are still reading and supporting my blog, waiting patiently for new posts: I haven’t been writing much for my blog lately, cos my desktop died a couple of months ago, and I’ve been working off a tiny tablet with a RAM that is much smaller than my cellphone. Initially, I had plans […]

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Safari Zoo Run 2019

December 14, 2018

The annual Safari Zoo Run returns for its 11th edition on 24 February 2019! The latest edition of the run will feature a new race route, bringing runners through the River Safari for the very first time! Besides the new race route, new race categories are also introduced for this run, where parents can pair […]

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