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Flashback Friday #63: Sleeping in His New Room

October 25, 2013

30 May 2012: We had refurnished Blake’s room at the end of 2011, but never felt the need to move him straight in after it was done. That is, until we found out about our second pregnancy and enrolled Blake into school.

While prepping Blake for his first day of school, we thought that it might be a good thing to have Blake start sleeping in his own room too. Blake had always only played in his bedroom before, so to him, it was his playroom – not bedroom. But on this very day, Blake went into his room and slept on his new mattress all by himself for an afternoon nap. I was thrilled!

It took him a while to get used to the idea of sleeping completely on his own (he used to sleep in his own cot in our bedroom), but eventually, he welcomed being able to sleep in a room filled with all his toys. Hehe. Sometimes when I wake up, I can hear him playing away in his room happily alone.

In about 6-8 more months, Nakayla will be joining Blake in his room to sleep. We plan to let them share the bedroom until just before the year Blake turns 12, so that they can spend those years bonding (and fighting) before puberty knocks on the door. Now, I wonder how that will pan out…

* * *

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