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Overcoming the Fear for Sand

March 28, 2014

When Blake was a young toddler, he never had any problems with sand. The first time Blake touched the sandy beach, he had so much fun!

Being a first time mother, I naturally thought it was the same for all babies. I was proven wrong, when I happily brought Nakayla to the beach to play, and discovered that she didn’t like the sand at all.

And being the ‘cruel’ mother that I am, I decided to have Nakayla face her fears – just like how I got Blake to overcome his fear for swimming!

That perfect day came a few weekends back, when Sean and I had the day completely free to ourselves and the children. No rush to go anywhere! Totally free and easy!

On our way to the playground, Nakayla spotted a flock of birds above us.
She was excited, I was scared of bird droppings!

Apprehensive waiting at the side of the playground, not wanting to go into the sand

I decided to just plonk her down in the middle of the playground.
She couldn’t decide if she should run or cry.

Then she saw how much fun Sean and Blake were having

Nakayla took daddy’s hands and walked fearlessly all over the playground!

I actually thought there will be a lot of crying and struggling. Maybe the presence of Sean and Blake made her more comfortable at that time. Let’s hope she keeps this up! I’ll have to bring her back again to double check if she’s truly happy to play with sand now!

The photo we took under the bridge with Blake’s permission

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