Meet the Parents

Baking Mode Now On!

March 2, 2015

For about a year, I’ve been staying away from the kitchen as much as I possibly can. I almost stopped cooking and baking altogether – other than popping frozen food into the toaster to heat up. Oh, and that one time Blake wanted his own homemade cookies. Hand eczema crippled the baking-loving side of me. […]

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Pineapple Tarts Baking Class

February 13, 2015

Media Invite Over the weekend, Blake attended a pineapple tarts baking class and he had so much fun! Very eager to start, he was jumping non-stop prior to this! Cutting the butter into smaller cubes Mixing the batter with his two partners Couldn’t stop poking the dough Decided on his own that he only wanted […]

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Meet the Children

Flashback Friday: Mommy, I Want Cookies!

October 24, 2014

A SERIES OF POSTS THAT ARE SUPER BACKDATED On a Sunday afternoon many months back, Blake specially requested to bake cookies to eat. He didn’t want any store bought cookies, he insisted on baking his own. A part of me is really reluctant to bake because I have no more ingredients left to bake with […]

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Meet the Parents

Bake, Snap, Fun!

October 7, 2013

My lovely neighbour, Lynn, invited Natasha and me over to her place for a bake session. During that session, we learnt how to put together the very yummy Lemon Meringue Tartlet from scratch because Natasha was craving for it. Haha. I tagged along because Lynn knows I love me some baked goods. Hehe. The student […]

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Honest to Goodness Milk: Greenfields Milk

September 4, 2013

Advertorial Honestly speaking, I don’t think words will be able to describe how delicious Greenfields Fresh Milk is when it’s written all over Blake’s face. He opened the fridge and went, “Milk! Mommy, milk!” Yup, he’s super happy to have fresh milk to drink! Attempting to open it on his own cos I was busy […]

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