Underwater World Singapore: Sum of Fun

June 18, 2015

Media Invite

Last week, we took time off work, and the children out of the school, to visit Underwater World Singapore!

But before we went exploring, we filled our tummy with a delicious meal at Island Cuisine!

Island Cuisine is a buffet restaurant which offers a good variety of Singapore delights such as Mee Siam and Curry Chicken. There’s also a vegetarian section.

My personal favourites:
Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken

The children love that there’s butter cake and ice cream!

After our lunch, our Underwater World exploration began!

It doesn’t seem like much has changed since our last visit before Nakayla was born, but it was still pretty entertaining watching the children get all excited over the different sea creatures they saw! It’s also good to know that I could remember some of the names without looking at the labels. Hehe 😛

The tunnel was probably one of the highlights for the children as they didn’t have to walk to explore the place. However, there is a particularly dark area which frightened Nakayla. She clung onto my legs tightly and refused to let go until we’re out of it. Thankfully, it was just that turn that was dark.

After one round in the tunnel, the children turned to the other exhibits happening in the hall.

And the next thing I knew, we were back on the tunnel’s conveyor belt once again. This time, Nakayla wasn’t as scared of the dark turn as before. She quickened her steps to walk out of it instead! Hehe.

After round two of the tunnel, we left to pay a visit to the pink dolphins and fur seals who were just next door! There was a show to catch!


Honestly, I was a little disappointed when the show ended as most of the attention was on the fur seals instead of the pink dolphins; I had expected a full-on pink-dolphins-only performance. I guess when there’s a mismatch in expectations, disappointments run high. Sigh.

Later on, I found out that no two shows are the same and the animal highlights and interactions usually alternate between the different show timings they have throughout the day (i.e. dolphins at the 11am show, fur seals for the 2pm show), and even then, it’s all highly dependent on the animals’ mood and behavior prior to showtime. I guess I should’ve had a more reasonable expectation when it comes to animal performances. Oh, what a noob I am!

On hindsight though, the fur seals actually put up quite an impressive performance! I mean, to be able to catch hoops thrown by someone who couldn’t aim, going all out to get that hoop… That’s mighty impressive!

And on that note, we ended our day trip to Underwater World Singapore.

Thanks for having us! We had a filling good time 😀

* * *

Underwater World Singapore is currently having the Sum of Fun promotion this June Holiday (seen above) at a bundle deal price of just $19.90! Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about the promotion, including the terms and conditions tied to this promotion, do visit their website.

* * *


The good folks over at Underwater World Singapore is giving away FIVE pairs of tickets to visit Underwater World Singapore and to enjoy the buffet spread at Island Cuisine! All you’ll need to do is to follow the widget below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Underwater World Singapore (UWS) Giveaway Terms and Conditions:
– Giveaway ends 21 June 2015, Sunday 2359 hours (Singapore time)
– Winners will be selected by 22 June 2015
– Limited to one winner per household
– Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice
– This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
– Winners will be contacted by Underwater World Singapore (So please make sure you fill up the correct details in the contest!)
– Winners must respond to the congratulatory email within 48 hours or another winner will be selected
– Redemption period for the tickets issued in this giveaway will be valid for 3 months
– Each winning ticket only permits a complimentary entry into Underwater World Singapore and a one-tim buffet at Island Cuisine
– Each winning ticket does not include the additional perks in the ‘Sum of Fun’ promotion
– All personal details provided in this contest will be kept confidential. Only details of the winners will be shared with Underwater World Singapore to facilitate the collection of prize.
– We may or may not announce the winner(s) on our social media platforms. Permission will be seek from the winner(s) first.
– We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Disclaimer: We were invited to Underwater World Singapore, Dolphin Lagoon and Island Cuisine for the purpose of this review.

  1. i would like to take Eli to the UWS as he loves dolphins and his class name is N1 Dolphin!

  2. I would bring my two kiddos to underwater world if I win. My kids love animals and I’m sure they will love go learn and see more about the underwater life from the trip.

  3. My boys will love the UWS. They were too distracted and overly excited by the huge SEA Aquarium. They enjoyed the smaller Aquaria KLCC in KL last year and I am sure will prefer the cosier UWS too.

  4. I will bring my boys to UWS. It will be a good opportunity to know more about marine creatures and they will love the dolphin show.

  5. i want to bring my wife and baby there, i am a certified scuba diving instructor but my wife don’t like the sea, i want her to see the beautiful underwater world and get her to love it so in the future the family can go diving together

  6. I would really love to win this giveaway 🙂 and bring my ah boy to UWS cos we love fishes,we love adventure,we love learning and love Sentosa..
    Thank you

  7. I will bring my 2 kids to Underwater world as they love fishes and marine creatures. Educational and fulfilling experience for them.

  8. I love underwater world!!! My 3 kids actually prefer underwaterworld than
    SEA aquarium because they can watch pink dophins and the seal
    performing!!! They are just too CUTE!!!! Brought them before when they were still babies, so hope to win and bring them again!!! They will definitely enjoy more!! heart emoticon heart emoticon :))

  9. I would want to bring my kids. The last time we went to SEA aquarium, the elder one got lost and the younger one napped throughout. Sad to say neither of them get to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Hope to bring them to underwater world!

  10. I would love to bring my kids for this up close marine experience! They are always curious about the marine life and this would be the perfect opportunity to learn about it in real life.

  11. I would love to bring my son to Underwater World as he has been bugging me to bring him to one and he has never been to the Underwater World. For the love for the underwater animals, I’m sure he will love this trip.

  12. I wish to bring my niece who recently past her exam with flying colors. Hope to motivate her to continue working hard and have confidence in herself. Will bring my own kids too, these kids need cousin bonding time!

  13. would love to win this for my family. My girl birthday in June. My hub and I in July. Awesome giveaway.

  14. ho Ho Ho, I’ve not been to underwater world since I was 12?! Lol, even though we have the sea aquarium to see little fishes and a whole range of ocean creatures, I’d still like to bring the kids to our first ocean origin, underwater world and reminisce how old i a,m!

  15. I will bring my 3 children to UWS because they like sea creatures and have not been there. They will surely enjoy the experience!

  16. I will like to bring my bestie Phylicia and my 2 god-daughters along! I work 6 days a week + my bestie is a busy working mum, we can’t meet up as often as we like ( missing those carefree days when we were younger ). Occasionally we try to bring the 2 little ones along but always have to think of kids friendly venues.

    And this sounds like the perfect outing for all of us! I be glad to top up the extra tickets =)

  17. Hope to win so I can bring my 2 kiddos along. They would love to see e dolphins & get to touch them hopefully!

  18. I would like to bring my kiddos for this so that they can have a up-close and personal experience with the sea creatures especially the dolphins 🙂

  19. My boy is learning about marine animals in school…this will be a memorable n fun trip for him!!

  20. Bring my mum for a revisit as the last time we went there was during my primary school days.

  21. I want to bring my family especially my kids there as they love sea creature and have never go to underwater world before.

  22. I will be bringing my husband and daughter for sure. Faith is fond of sea creatures and I want to create wonderful memories for her.

  23. I will bring my sister to Underwater World Singapore as it is one of her favourite places and she hasnt returned to UWS for so long. I would like to surprise her on her coming birthday by bringing her there 🙂

  24. I would like to visit Underwater World together with my nephew because he is ever so curious about the fish and different kinds of sea creatures. This will definitely be an unforgettable trip for him. As for myself, I would love to see the pink dolphins in action. Haven’t visited/ seen them for more than a decade – and they definitely are still the stars of UWS which I wouldn’t want to miss out on. 🙂

  25. Hi Amazingly Still,

    I want to bring my lovely niece to Underwater World Singapore. I want her to experience and learn more about the marine life and sea creatures. The “Touch Pool” and “Living Fossils” would be great for her to feel the underwater marine life.

    Done Liked, Shared & Participated

    FB: Casy Ang

  26. want to give these pair of tickets to my sis and bro-in-law for a nice date before she pops!! 🙂
    They haven’t been there for years and are going to miss one-on-one time together when the baby comes..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  27. Would love to bring my parents from Malaysia to visit as they love checking out all sorts of interesting things!

  28. I will bring my family to UWS because we are sea creatures lovers and we have not been there!

  29. I would love to bring my shy and timid 3 years old gal to the Underwater World for her to gain exposure and learn through play for things that can’t be learnt in school. She will definitely be excited over it!

  30. I haven’t been there before and always wanted to go. Would be great to have a fun time watching the amazing creatures together with my family.

  31. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d take my girl and her two year old cousin to go. Both girls loves water creatures and an outing to the Underwater World would be fun for them.

  32. Hope to have a memorable trip to Underwater World Sentosa with my loved ones as we cherish every family outing very much

  33. Wow… by looking at the pictures, it really looks like a very fun and enjoyable place. I would love to bring my little daughter there because she loves the sea creatures and dolphin very much. We have never been to this place before and I really hope to win tickets for her to see all her favourite sharks, colourful fishes , jelly fish and many many more. I think the touch and feel area is very interesting where children get to feel the texture and these beautiful creatures !! I’m sure she will be very excited to see the pink dolphin and sea lion performance right before her eyes !! Hope to be bless and bring smiles for my baby to have a great family bonding time and of course a wonderful experience for her too. Thank you for this giveaway.

    Name : Esther Kam
    Email :
    FB Name : Esther Kam

  34. Very lovely family and resourceful introduction. Din’t aware that there are so much changes in underwater world Singapore. Definitely worth to visit again.

  35. I would love to bring my sons to UNDERWATER world Singapore . as they both love Dolphins . my elder son did very well on his test paper and due to family issue im unable to plan any trip for him which he is abit sad and wonder why. cos some of his classmate do go for holiday trip and he is quite envy. hope to win this Underwater World tickets and surprise him. even im unable to provide him with oversea trip . i wish and want him to have fun during this june holiday even we are in sure they can explore and experience with the sea creatures especially the dolphins they will sure have alot of curious question why the Dolphins is PINK ??? smile emoticon . it will also be a wonderful bonding day for us

  36. I would like to bring Hock Guan Koh to Underwater World Singapore . We have not been there for so long ! The last time we went there we were just little boys ! Thanks very much and have a nice weekend ! =o> *keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard* Facebook name : Irfan Ozil

  37. I will love so much to bring my hubby and daughter. We love sea animals and I think it would be awesome to be able to see them personally, watching their every move.
    We definitely love so much to eat too.

  38. I would love to bring my son as he love underwater world animal and fishes! He tend to learn fast when he see the sea creatures and etc. Hope to bring on his 3rd birthday! <3

  39. I would bring my elderly grandma there because she has never been there. She’s old and not been happy recently so I want to make her happy by bring her to the awesome place to see the beautiful marine animals and also to treat her to a delicious buffet meal.

  40. I would like to bring my dearest mummy to the Underwater world! Due to my hectic work and school, I rarely have time to spend with my mummy. Day after day, the wrinkles on her face became deeper and more obvious. I know that no matter how busy I am, I have to squeeze out some time for her. We have never been to the underwater world at Sentosa together before. This would be a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together and explore this awesome tourist attraction of Singapore! She would definitely love it as she loves dolphins! 😀 <3

  41. I hope to win for my boyf as he have never been to underwater world and it will definitely be a eye opener for him. When he was young, under many circumstances that he is unable to visit there but I really hope to surprise him on our 4th anniversary that is on august. Seeing him smile make my heart melt and i feel happy too. Hope i have a chance to bring him there.

  42. I would love to bring my gf as we both love sea animals. It will be a great chance for us to bond together and have good food too. And I have never go underwater world hope to get a chance to go and have fun with dolphin .

  43. I want to bring my mother to Underwater World Singapore. #MyGoldenMoment is made not by the things that I do, but by the person that I spend it with and that person is my mother who is the greatest, dearest & beloved woman in my life ! There’s nothing more amazing than having a lovely golden moment to enjoy watching all the different and colourful species of the fishes with my mother to allow for special Mother-Son bonding and gives a special space for pure enjoyment of the other’s company which makes it all the more beautiful & all the more cherished golden time together !

  44. I remembered, as a young teenager, the indescribable fascination I had while I was on the travellator admiring the captivating array of marine life through the acrylic-windowed tunnel at Underwater World Singapore.

    This time, I’m gonna bring my young boys on their virgin visit there. I wanna them to experience the same enthralling joy and enchantment I had had with the turtles, sharks, stingrays, fur seals, pink dolphins and more!

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