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How I Met Your Father

April 27, 2016


Kids, almost 14 years ago, I met your father.

He walked into the classroom I was in and I started blushing when we got up to greet him. He was wearing his over-sized long-sleeved blue shirt, tucked into his black pants… These were practically his uniform then – along with his moussed hair.

I honestly don’t know what it was that made me pay attention to him.

It could purely be the fact that I’ve been in an all-girls school all my life, and he was one of the better looking male teachers to walk through our classroom’s door.

Or, I somehow knew that he was the one at age 15.


That wasn’t the problem though. The problem was… He did not know of my existence.

You see, back then, I was this quiet, bespectacled girl who sat as far back in the classroom as possible so that teachers won’t call on me to answer questions or anything. I just wanted to fade into obscurity. And fade into obscurity I did.

Fast forward two years, and I met your father again at a mutual friend’s home.

This time, he noticed me.


He thought I was a lesbian…

… Who was attached to one of the girls at the gathering…

… And that I wasn’t from the same school as the rest of them.

He had no recollection of me being in his class.

At all.

I absolutely nailed the whole fading into obscurity thing in school.


After the gathering, our friend’s mom gave us all a ride home. And as luck would have it, your father and I were the last two to be dropped off. And in that short span of time, we had a small talk, of which I do not remember anything.

But I do remember being some kind of crazed, but passive, stalker.

I had copied his number off my friend’s notebook previously and I sent him a text when I got home. When no replies were given, I went to cross check the number I have with my friend the next day. I did this to find out if he was not replying me on purpose.


Haha! I have already said I was some kind of crazy!

Turns out, I had copied the number wrongly the first time around. So I texted him again and when he replied almost immediately, I did a little dance inside.


Our first one-on-one meet up was at the car park near his place. He wanted to show me his car. I wasn’t impressed by it, and he said that was the moment he knew I could be the one for him.


All it took was 2 years of waiting, 10 days of texting, talking on the phone, meeting, and a whole whirlwind of things happening in between, for us to finally be together on 24 July 2004 a.k.a. 24/7 🙂

This chapter ends here.

A longer version of how we met and got together was written a few years back.
You can read it here.

* * *
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Note: I don’t have many photos of us in the earlier days of courtship (we were keeping it really low-key), so I thought to use gifs from the TV Show, How I Met Your Mother, since it seems pretty apt for this post. Haha!

  1. The How I Met Your Mother gifs are so funny! When I first read that he was your teacher, I expected Korean series kind of drama ensues. You know, objection from school, parents and every thing in between. Haha!

    1. Haha! I love the gifs too! Helps that I’m obsessed with the show. Haha!

      We were quite low profile in the beginning because we weren’t certain how it might affect his career. My parents knew about it almost immediately because my ex-boyfriend actually called up the house to tell my mom, “If your daughter gets pregnant, it’s not my fault!” Haha!

        1. Haha! Turned out to be good in my favor, because my mom told him something along the lines of, “I’m glad my daughter broke up with you.” Haha!

  2. I love How I Met Your Mother! Such a smart way to weave it into your post! Shd get the guys to share their side of the story cos im curious, when did he start to go from “she’s lesbian” to “oh she’s not lesbian and I might like her”? Haha

    1. Haha! Thank you! Later tonight, I’ll ask him his version. And that particular question. Haha! But he did say he liked my voice first, when we were talking in the car ride home. Too dark, cannot see face. Haha!

  3. Love the ‘creative’ way you told your story. I bet your hubby must be thanking his lucky star that you took the first step to send him a text after that gathering! Look how far you’ve come from being a quiet, bespectacled girl 😉

    1. Haha! Thank you! He actually brought out the crazy in me, so the way I am now… Haha! Thanking my lucky stars that he continued the journey with me after the first step 😀

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