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My First Interview: Shrek the Musical

May 12, 2016

Some may know this, but for the benefit of those who don’t, one of my majors in university was journalism.

And from the very day I graduated almost seven years ago, I had never been able to exercise that part of my degree – unless you count writing all these blog posts, which honestly, you don’t really need a degree in journalism to do so. Haha!

Alas, an opportunity presented itself when I was invited to conduct an interview with the main leads of Shrek the Musical!

With Kyle Timson (Shrek) and Lindsay Dunn (Princess Fiona)

I was a nervous wreck, days prior to the interview. It was my first ever formal interview after all, and I was clueless about what to ask. All that I have learnt seemingly disappeared in that moment. And so, I did what I do best when I just want a mini escape – Watch YouTube videos.

Drawing inspiration from my two favourite channels – Ellen Degeneres and BuzzFeed – I figured a game and a localised taste test should be pretty okay to include in the interview. The addition of a couple of questions that I would love to hear answers to had me all set and ready to go! Now, I just hope I have enough questions (or time!) for the entire interview.

And so the day arrived. I was super excited! It helped that the room where the interview was conducted had an amazing view!

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I had my questions and I had my snacks. I had my tripod, camera and newly purchased microphone – all nicely set up for the interview. But the moment I turned on the camera, my heart sank.

I forgot to put my SD card back into the camera!

How embarrassing! I just wanted to bury my head in a hole and not come out until everyone leaves!

Thankfully for me, everyone present were understanding and the publicist for the show even helped me with filming using my mobile. Sigh. First interview and I had a major screw up… I must have left a pretty poor first impression. I don’t think I’ll ever live this down!

Anyway, the reason why I said so much is basically to say… The video quality may not be very good, so please go easy on me. Haha!

I’ve broken the video down in parts, according to the questions and games, and painstakingly did a transcript of the video so that I can include subtitles. Phew! Do watch and give me your feedback, ok?

* * *

Just thought to share and touch on a project that Shrek the Musical did for Mother’s Day.

How sweet were all these mother-child duos?

And unbeknownst to ourselves, we had indirectly told one another (the children to me, and me to the children) just how Shrektacular we are!

I felt absolutely blessed when I went to pick Blake and Nakayla up from school the Friday before Mother’s Day. They were holding cards and gifts for me – they even made Strawberry Cheese Tarts! Blake then read out what he had written on the card and according to my baby boy…

I am Shrektacular because I hug and kiss him!

And to me, my children are Shrektacular because…

I love all these expressions of love! It definitely makes the receiver absolutely delighted!

Oh, and before I end off this post, I’d like to remind everyone that the free Children tickets to catch Shrek the Musical promotion is almost over! It ends on 16 May 2016, so hurry up!

Here’s our video submission:

I hope to see you at Shrek the Musical!

Note: I honestly cannot thank Amanda Osborne and Pamela Ng enough for helping me with the filming and photo-taking respectively. And big thanks to Kyle Timson and Lindsay Dunn for going along with my slightly non-conventional interview.

  1. Love the Never-Ever questionnaire and taste test! The way they talked about how they trip during the shows remind me of Disney on Ice. And the first reaction from the white rabbit sweet is so classic: Can the wrapper (did someone say tissue?) be eaten? Haha..

    1. Those were my favourites too! Hahaha! When they spoke of their falls, I’m like, oh gosh, it’s like Disney on Ice and these people just pick themselves right up to continue the show! Haha, I sort of pre-empt their question, but I guess they didn’t hear me earlier. I was telling them there’s a plastic like thing on it but it can be eaten. And yes, someone said tissue. Haha!

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