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The Penny Machine

May 18, 2016

Exactly a year ago, on a trip to the zoo, Blake and Nakayla came across a penny machine. I’ve seen similar ones around before, but never have I bothered to take a good look at them.

Their fascination over the penny machine that day piqued my interest and soon, Sean was handing us money to get some pennies done! One for each child!

Blake chose Orang Utan, Nakayla chose Inuka the Polar Bear

On that very day, Sean and I decided that we’ll start collecting these pennies as a mark to places we’ve been to with the children. And if we were to return again, we’ll grab the other penny designs!

Side note: Each machine has at least four designs, and some places have more than one penny machine, each carrying different penny designs.

We collected some at Skyline Luge Sentosa

And outside Universal Studio Singapore

Okay, technically speaking, we haven’t been to Universal Studio Singapore with the children yet, but the machine was RIGHT THERE, just outside the place we were having lunch at! It’s impossible to resist! Haha.

With more and more pennies coming our way, I decided to start early on keeping it organized. The last thing I need is missing pennies or forgotten trips!

Currently, Blake and Nakayla’s penny collection are housed in the same ring folder, but in separate coin collection inserts I got from the bookstore. I had planned ahead when I purchased the inserts, thinking that one day the collection will grow substantially and they’ll want to keep their own collection.

I wonder if they’ll remember anything from the trips where we got the pennies from!

  1. what a great idea to store the pennies in the ring folder, in individual inserts!

    1. Thanks! I actually thought about it for a while, and even when I was browsing through the shelves, still thinking if I should use inserts+folder or just the album. Hehe!

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