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Friends of Wildlife: Singapore Zoo Part 2

October 31, 2016

In our previous post, we shared our ‘Splash Safari Show’ and ‘Elephants at Work and Play Show’ experience, where we managed to feed the elephants after their show. We then headed for lunch and this is a continuation of our journey after.

Lunch was pretty rushed as the children wanted to feed even more animals. All of these token feedings had specific timings and limited amount of food available at each feeding session. To ensure we get a chance to feed the animals, we had to be there early.

The children were super cooperative and even said we should walk the distance when I mentioned that the tram will travel a big round around the zoo before we can get to the White Rhinoceros, our first stop after lunch. All that walking we did for Pokémon Go is paying off!

We reached the White Rhinoceros enclosure early. In the time waiting for the zoo keepers to arrive with the food, the children checked out the kinds of food the White Rhinoceros ate and guessed what they’ll be feeding the White Rhinoceros with.

A little after they were done reading and observing the White Rhinoceros, the zoo keepers arrived with all the fruits for the feeding session. We were told to get into line, and as luck would have it, we were standing right at the start of the queue again! How awesome!

Note: This particular feeding session started about 15 minutes earlier for some reason, so do reach as early as you can!

Feeding the White Rhinoceros was Blake’s choice of animal to feed, and he was super excited to be the first. The first feed had the zoo keeper showing Blake how it is done and he managed to do the subsequent feedings on his own.

Nakayla, on the other hand, was a little small so the zoo keeper assisted her throughout her feeding. I think he had a feeling Nakayla might drop the fruit at some point 😂

After we were done feeding the White Rhinoceros, we took a walk around the area to check out some of the other animals.

Then the children got impatient and told me we should go queue for the giraffe feeding… 30 minutes before it was due to start. So we did.

Note: There is a designated queue area for the giraffe feeding. Don’t have to second guess where it is. It’s up the slope where this sign is located at.

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As we were there so early, we were the first in line once again. The children amazed me with their patience at the queue. For 30 whole minutes, they stood in line, observing the giraffes from a distance, and discussing what they’ll feed the giraffes. They didn’t whine, they didn’t get cranky.

They did get a little excited whenever a giraffe walked towards us and started jumping though. Haha! They truly were looking forward to feeding the giraffes!

Finally, it was 1.50pm and the zoo keepers began the feeding session!

While Blake chose the White Rhinoceros to feed, Nakayla’s choice was giraffe. She had a lot of fun and for the first time, she didn’t feel like she’d topple over or require any assistance to feed the animals! This was how close she was to the giraffes!

Blake got a chance to feed the giraffes too but I didn’t manage to get as good and clear of a shot as the one I took for Nakayla. I was so frustrated by the end of the session, when I reviewed the photos!

Thankfully for me, the giraffe feeding session had a photographer from PictureAir snapping some shots and I have these gems now! Yay!

This particular picture border is super cute.
It looks like the monkey is riding on the giraffe!

After the feeding sessions, we headed to Rainforest Kidzworld for even more fun (nope, we didn’t go to the wet playground!) before calling it a day. And yes, this is a to be continued… Hehe.

* * *

White Rhinoceros Token Feeding
🕐 1.15pm

Giraffe Token Feeding
🕥 10.45am, 1.50pm, 3.45pm

💰 $5 per basket of feed per family/group
Exact amount is required. No change will be given.
But you can give more if you want to!

The White Rhinoceros and Giraffe enclosures are located in the same area
🚂 Tram Stop 1
⚠ Feedings are weather permitting

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

🕣 8.30am – 6pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)
☎ +65 6269 3411
🌏 www.zoo.com.sg

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