Meet the Children

A Day at Science Centre Singapore

March 14, 2018

Note: This post was written back in 2017. And for some reason, I had forgotten to hit the published key and this had been left in the draft folder ever since. Discovered it by chance again, and now we’re here! It’s finally published! Prior to the September school holidays, the children had mentioned that they […]

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Meet the Parents

Gardens by the Bay: Autumn Harvest

October 10, 2017

During the September school holidays, we took a boat ride to Marina Bay Sands and walked over to Gardens by the Bay. The children welcomed the cool conservatory with jumps of joy! It was scorching hot that day! The last time the children visited was back in June, when I brought them to get their […]

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Piece of Peace World Tour Singapore 2017

September 4, 2017

When I first received a letter from Nakayla’s school saying that they were going on an excursion to Piece of Peace World Tour Singapore 2017, my immediate thought was, “Oh no! Blake won’t be able to go!” as it was on a school day. Fortunately, there was the PSLE Oral holidays. After explaining the situation […]

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SHAPE Run 2017

August 17, 2017

Media Invite Ever since SHAPE Run allowed daddies to join in the Family Fun Run back in 2015, we have been participating, and every year, without fail, we learn more about our children. This year, for example, Blake forgoes running too much and too fast when he learnt that Sean wasn’t feeling well. For a […]

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Science Centre Singapore: Butterflies Up-Close

June 19, 2017

Media Invite The children embarked on a different kind of experience when we stepped into Butterflies Up-Close at Science Centre Singapore. In the first part of the exhibition, the children learnt about the live cycle of the butterfly and even watched a time-lapsed video of how a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly! But the part […]

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