Totts Golf Holiday Camp at SandBank

March 27, 2017
Media Invite

I remember back when I was in primary school, my parents would sign us up for all kinds of holiday classes and camps to keep us entertained. So over the March Holidays – Blake’s first official term break! – the children went for their first holiday camp. To be more specific, it was a 2-days day camp with Totts Golf at SandBank!

First day, first two students to arrive!

Warming up!

Probably the children’s favourite warm-up exercise to do. Haha!

The children were introduced to the different types of golf clubs

Followed by learning how to grip the golf club

After the warm-up exercises and short lesson on the theory aspect of golf, the children finally got to do what they came for – play golf!

The team from Totts Golf brought down quite a number of equipment to keep the children entertained. To the children, it’s all fresh and something new whenever the equipment changed. To me, it was all basically doing the same job – getting the children to hit the ball, but with a different golf club. Haha!

Along the way, the coaches observed that Blake and Nakayla were using their wrists to swing. They had to get it corrected before injuring themselves. And to do so, additional equipment were brought in to correct them.

With the rainbow ball between her arms, Nakayla had to swing such that she doesn’t drop it. Doing this repeatedly and removing the ball after helped corrected it slightly, but this isn’t something that can be corrected in an instant. Nakayla was back to using her wrists the next day and had to use the ball again.

Blake also had the ball between his arms at one point, but he transitioned to using this special club. It’s heavier than the regular clubs and, based on what I observed, helped to stablize his swing, keeping his wrists straight. Due to the weight, Blake could only manage a couple of hits before he had to rest.

In the three hour long camp, the children took a meal break of about 30 minutes or so to fill their bellies with the food from SandBank’s Children Menu. All the children ordered Mini Fish and Chips served with fries, nuggets and fruit punch for both days. Haha!

Day two of the camp was pretty much the same as Day one, but the mood was a lot more relaxed.

The children played games to warm up, and during the little pockets of rest in-between. This livened up the mood in the room, with all the children’s laughter!

Playing on this green mat was something Blake looked forward to all the time. It’s also the one that made him want to give up a number of times because he couldn’t clear a stage. I’m so glad that with encouragement from everyone, he was able to persevere and even managed to clear the most difficult stage in one shot! He was mighty pleased with himself!

The biggest difference between day one and two was that at the end of the day, the children were given a mini test, to see if they remembered what they learnt. And when they’ve all passed the test, they were awarded with a certificate of completion and a toy!

The two days of golf camp with Totts Golf was quite the eye opener for me. For one, I would have never expected to see five coaches and assistants in one class. The norm for most is two, right?

And two, it’s a great way to suss out if my children have a particular talent or liking (or not) towards a sport. The children definitely had fun too, being able to learn something new without having to commit long-term.

Hmm… I might just look into more of such camps and things to do during the school holidays – just like my parents did for us!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the holiday camp for the purpose of this review. No further compensation were received.

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