The Magic of My Name

April 17, 2017

A couple of years back, I wrote a post about how the children got their names. Back then, I hardly looked at the meanings behind their names cos, to me, it didn’t really matter much. What was most important is that it sounds nice… To me at least. Haha!

Fast forward to the present, I received an invite to create a book for each child based on their names. I was curious about the concept behind ‘The Magic of My Name’, and as I went through their website, I was thoroughly impressed!

They took simple things we used to do when we were little, those little messages left at the back of yearbooks, like:

M is for Magical
A is for Adventurous
B is for Brave
E is for Eager
L is for Lovable

And turned it into a huge adventure!

What I personally like about this whole thing is how it’s no longer just a word attached to the letters of our names. There’s a story behind every single word too.

It’s a great way for the children to not only learn about the meaning of each word and expand their vocabulary, but also how every story is written with just one word as the theme.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that each repeated letter in a name had a different story, thanks to Nakayla’s name. Haha! I do wonder though… How many stories did they prepare for each letter? Hmm…

After having these books for a while now, I personally feel that this is an awesome bedtime storybook for every child. Not only will they feel a certain connection to it – their name is printed in the story! – but the stories are pretty intriguing too.

Currently, the books are automatically generated after you key in the name and select a gender. What I feel might make this even better is if we can choose which word and story we’d like to use for each letter to make up the book.

Regardless of how many stories ‘The Magic in My Name’ prepared for each letter or whether it’s generated automatically for now, I sure hope that all the wonderful qualities written in my children’s own special book will shine through as they get older!

Disclaimer: We received these two books for the purpose of this review.

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