Dragon Kiln Pottery Workshop

August 15, 2018

Before the June holidays began, I came across this pottery workshop listed on Klook. After showing it to the children and letting them ponder over it, they decided that we should all go try something new together. And so we did! We barely made it to the workshop in time, as it was a case […]

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Annual Family Photoshoot 2018

July 25, 2018

For this year’s family photoshoot, we went back to Fort Canning Park! Our last visit there had been rather unpleasant towards the end because of the mosquitoes. But thanks to that experience, we came better prepared this time round! Besides bringing mosquito repellents along, we also avoided the area with the most mosquitoes. Seeing that […]

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Cold Storage Kids Run 2018

May 22, 2018

So this happened on Sunday: The children had been looking forward to Cold Storage Kids Run ever since they were involved in the photoshoot for the promotional materials back in February. And because of this, the children were raring to go the moment I said, “Wake up! Cold Storage Kids Run is today!” This year’s […]

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Disney on Ice: Everyone’s Story

April 19, 2018

I hadn’t been thinking about Disney on Ice until I saw the advertisement for it on my news feed last December. When I found out that the opening night tickets were only $25 each (to celebrate 25 years of Disney on Ice), I jumped at the chance and bought the tickets immediately! And as luck […]

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Gardens by the Bay: Sakura Matsuri

April 3, 2018

We visited Flower Dome on the first day Sakura Matsuri floral display was opened and were surprised to find certain areas cordoned off for the mainstream media. It was quite a bummer, to be honest. Thankfully, the children didn’t really care much for the cordoned off areas and enjoyed exploring the parts that we were […]

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