MEGA Adventure Park: Megazip!

March 7, 2016


After our first trip down Megazip last year, it didn’t take much to motivate the children to be good and cooperative when we told them we were going again!

As usual, we took the cheap thrill ride up to the top and we did a video recording of it so that you know what I’m talking about! The actual ride up is about 3-4 minutes, but don’t worry, I edited and had the video running at 1.25x the actual speed for your viewing pleasure. Haha!

Once we reached the top, Blake started to explore the various parts of the adventure park and he could tell me what each activity was! “Look, mommy! That’s Parajump! That’s Climbmax!” He was so excited! And he’s really keen on giving ParaJump a go.

Ever since our last visit, he will tell me every now and then that he will grow tall and strong so that he can do the ParaJump by himself! Haha! Okay, baby! It can be done! It’s really fun too. And I know cos Sean and I went for it back in 2010.

Getting to the top was a breeze this time round as we went relatively early before the crowd came in. We were the first in line!

Blake was, as usual, nervous before launch

These two were so cool on their ride down, it’s like they are naturally fearless

However, unlike the first round where both children got really excited, Nakayla ended up being upset with me.

She had insisted on riding with me and when I gave her a firm ‘NO’, she ended up crying. I felt bad, but we had to balance the weight out!

Funny how Sean and Nakayla’s legs automatically stretch out,
while Blake and I were like in a sitting position. Haha!

As with all lessons, we learn and we grow from it.

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Nakayla learnt how to enjoy, despite things not going the way she hoped. She was all smiles and talking about Megazip after she saw Blake and me getting off the zipline.

And I learnt that this baby girl of mine just wants to stick with her mommy, come what may. I guess I should’ve just let her have it her way…

Thankfully for us, the lovely team over at MEGA Adventure Park was kind enough to extend another round to us yesterday!

And so, we did a switch! To which, Blake happily said, “Mommy, daddy and I are going to reach first!” Haha! Oh baby boy… At least he got to experience how fast he can go down the zipline!

Being able to right the wrong I did the previous round (I really shouldn’t have rejected her request), we managed to achieve an awesome family good time at MEGA Adventure Park once again! Yay!

And here are some videos of our MEGA Adventure trip down MegaZip from both trips:

Psst… For ladies with hair length like mine or longer, I suggest tying up your hair before heading down or you might just end up seeing mostly your hair on your way down – like I did in the second video. Haha!

* * *

Megazip Adventure Park
Imbiah Hill Road
Sentosa Island Singapore

(+65) 6884 5602

Opens daily, 11am – 7pm

For more information, do visit their official website or as listed on Sentosa’s website.

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MEGA Adventure Park Giveaway!

Thanks to the good folks at MEGA Adventure Park, we have TWO tickets for MegaZip to giveaway to one lucky winner! Simply follow the widget below. Terms and conditions apply. Good luck!

Megazip Giveaway

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The answer to what MEGA stands for is:
Motivate, Explore, Grow, Achieve

Disclaimer: We were invited to MEGA Adventure Park for the purpose of this review.

  1. 1. MEGA stand for Massive Exciting Group Adventure
    2. ADVENTURE means going on a thrilling and exciting ride!

  2. MEGA stands for Motivate, Explore, Grow, and Achieve.

    Adventure means exploring the world outside and within us. Outside – because there are so many wondrous places and rich cultures out there. Within us, because as we journey out to unfamiliar places, we are also journeying inwards to get to know our own fears better, and learning to conquer those fears and grow in courage.

  3. Mega means something huge and big!
    Adventure to me is having lots of fun ! Heart pumping and lots of screaming !

  4. I found it! Aiyo why so hard one!
    1) Motivate, Explore, Grow, Achieve!
    2) adventure to me is doing something I’ve never done before, something that challenges me both physically and mentally, something that at the end of it I can say, “look I’ve done!” and be super proud of myself for it =)

  5. 1. What does MEGA stand for? More Exciting Games Ahead! 🙂
    2. Tell me what ADVENTURE means to you! Adventure is a journey , day to day undertakings with my kids and hubby. 🙂 You never know what you are going to experience but you will in the end nothing is impossible with them,

  6. MEGA stands for Motivate, Explore, Grow, Achieve

    Adventure means to me taking that chance to give it a shot without being paralysed by fear. In this case, can’t wait to take this adventure with my family and bring our kids on this one!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Congratulations on being our winner for the MegaZip giveaway, Natasha! I hope you’ll be able to go on this MEGA Adventure with your family without being paralyzed by fear 😀 Enjoy yourselves!

  7. 1. MEGA means very large, great. Denoting a size larger than usual. How much larger? Mr Google revealed times 10^6 or 2^20!

    2. ADVENTURE is an experience that is unique, exciting and daring…sounds like parenting is a daily adventure for me! I used to chase after every roller coasters and thrill rides before kids with hub. Then after becoming a parent, my timid genes are all suddenly enraged, becoming very “kia-see”. Hope to be able to have a chance with Hub to do the MegaZip…an adventure after kids! (Y)

  8. Mega means “SUPER DUPER GIGANTIC! !!”
    Adventure to me is a non-routine task which is challenging and able to boost my self-confidence upon completion.

    Hope to win the tickets for my 10-year-old boy because he is working hard to puff up his weight to 30kg and do his solo zip. He is so happy during his recent school health check that he is already 29.5kg .

  9. Hi,

    Txs for always hosting awesome giveaway.

    For me Mega stands for Excellent, Hugh fun
    Adventure which raise my Adrenalin to that level where i can feel the thrill & excitement in every cell of mine..

  10. Motivate + Explore + Grow + Achieve = MEGA

    To me, adventure is not just doing something risky or doing to uncharted territories. More importantly, it is an attitude and mindset. If we see new experiences as an adventure, we will be more ready to face whatever challenges come our way and see it as a learning experience to toughen ourselves up.

  11. MEGA means extremely large, huge

    Adventure means fun and exciting with adrenalin feeling and can let you forget the unhappiness

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