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A Day at Science Centre Singapore

March 14, 2018

Note: This post was written back in 2017. And for some reason, I had forgotten to hit the published key and this had been left in the draft folder ever since. Discovered it by chance again, and now we’re here! It’s finally published!

Prior to the September school holidays, the children had mentioned that they wanted to visit Snow City again, but when the day came for us to spend a day at Science Centre Singapore, both of them decided to visit KidsStop instead!

Their last minute decision made me fluster a little, cos KidsStop has two specific timings for their play sessions and the children wanted to make it for the first! And it’s funny how they had told me their joint decision over breakfast. It’s like they had a secret meeting in the middle of the night or something!

The last time we came, the children weren’t able to play on the Dream Climber as I forgot to bring their socks. This time round, I remembered! And climb they did! They had so much fun exploring all of Dream Climber, even stopping every now and then to call out to me to snap photos of them. Haha! I love it when they’re in the mood to take photos!

After almost three hours of fun (played till morning session was over!), we went for lunch before trying our luck to visit Butterflies Up-close. I said try our luck because when we first arrived, we were advised not to purchase the tickets just yet as there were too few butterflies. The life span of butterflies is too short!

Fortunately, by that time, more butterflies were brought in from Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom so off we ran straight towards the exhibit!

This butterfly above flew onto my left thumb and stayed there for a few seconds. Just when I thought I could snap a photo of it on me, it flew off the moment I lifted my camera. Sigh.

The children were luckier, cos they had me to take photos for them. And just look at the pure joy Blake is displaying! Haha! He truly loves this place alot!

While we were walking around in circles over and over again, a big butterfly landed on Nakayla! She didn’t dare to move until the butterfly flew away. She was afraid she might hurt it!

After spending a long time with the butterflies, we bade farewell and hopped over to the main area of Science Centre Singapore to explore. We chanced upon this mirror maze and we had a go at it! Superb fun!

Little foam tubes were provided at the the entrance. We grabbed one each so that we can poke around and not bang into a mirror wall. Haha!

The children’s imagination led us to believe we were on a hunt for treasure and we had to fight our way out of the maze to find the treasure chest! At areas where it was a little dark, they pretended to be scared and made exaggerated sounds of “Ahhhhh!”, and start poking around with their foam tubes to fight off “enemies”. Haha. So cute to see them so immersed in their role-playing!

When we finally got out of the mirror maze, the children declared it was time to head home as they were tired. Phew! They weren’t the only ones! I was knackered too!

* * *

Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

🕙 10am to 6pm (Last admission: 5.15pm) – Daily

15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081

🕤 First Session – 9.30am to 1.30pm (Last admission: 12.45 pm) – Daily
🕑 Second Session – 2pm to 6pm (Last admission: 5.15pm) – Daily

💰 Admission charges applies to Science Centre Singapore, KidsStop and Butterflies Up-close
☎ +65 6425 2500

To purchase bundled tickets to Science Centre Singapore, Omni Theatre and Butterflies Up-close
in advance, and at discounted prices, check out KLOOK!

For more information, please visit their website.

Disclaimer: This is neither a sponsored nor a media invite review post. I paid for everything.

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