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Blake is 3 : The Birthday Cakes

September 25, 2013

The theme for Blake’s birthday cakes this year was one synchronized theme on ‘birds’. This was purposefully chosen knowing that my boy absolutely love birds. I found this out through the outing to bird park with his school last year, and his preferred soft toys were always the birds.

It is evident in the way he chooses his toys to take and leave behind:

So I contacted one of my favourite bakers, Lea Vanilla-Rosettes, and got her to come up with a cake design comprising of all of Blake’s favourite bird stuffed toys! She did both of Blake’s birthday cakes last year too!

The image I sent to her

The Jungle Bird theme cake she created, with all the birds on it!
Top round tier cake flavour: Vanilla Cake with Oreo Buttercream (Sean likes this)
Bottom square tier cake flavour: Hershey’s Chocolate Cake with Caramel Bits Buttercream (I like this)

Needless to say, Lea Vanilla-Rosettes delivered another awesome cake for Blake’s birthday this year! It goes without saying how amazed Blake was with his birthday cake. He had actually been kicking up quite a fuss, wanting to leave school upon seeing Sean. But when Sean carried Blake to the birthday cake, he calmed down and started pointing out all the birds to us! Hehe.

Thank you for another awesome cake, Lea Vanilla-Rosettes!

Now, among all of his bird soft toys, Blake loves his ducks the most. And when I finally located the biggest soft toy duck of all, Blake ditched the other birds and went around the house with only his ducks – especially the big one. There is only so much his little hands can carry, know? Hehe.

Clockwise from top left: Small, Medium and Big Duckies. Taking his big duckie on a ‘boat’ ride in a stool flipped over. Finding comfort in his duckie on sick days.
Playing with duckie, his best friend.
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So it was without a shred of doubt that Blake must have a duck themed party for his 3rd birthday. And obviously, we’ll need a cake to match that, right?

I went on Google to search for ideas on duck themed cakes, and boy was I happy when I came across this particular posting from Baked by Brooke. I immediately showed the picture to Tash Bakes, who did the lovely Christmas cake we had last year, hoping that she might be able to do the 3D duck cake, fully covered in fondant instead.

And she did it!
Body of duck cake flavour: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese (same flavour as the Christmas cake)
Rest of the duck cake flavour: Chocolate Cake with Heavenly Chocolate Ganache (love this)

Words cannot describe how happy I was when I saw the cake for the first time, after it was delivered. What made it even more amazing was when Blake was in complete awe after seeing the cake! He even refused to leave the cake’s side!

I’m pretty sure we weren’t the only one who was amazed because many of the guests who came took photos of it!

And after singing the birthday song, Sean heard a few guests saying the cake’s too beautiful to cut, or that Blake may not have the heart to cut up his duck, but guess what?

Not only was he completely okay with cutting up the duck cake, Blake enjoyed the process a bit too much. He was chuckling throughout! Haha! Even now, Blake still takes his big soft toy duck to pretend cut-and-eat. Haha.

And because of these two awesome bakers I have had the privilege of knowing, I decided to dedicate this entire blog post to them and their works! They really do work magic! Before you think it only looks good, don’t! Their cakes are super yummy too!

Writing this post is making me hungry for cakes again. Therefore, I shall come to an abrupt but complete end to Blake’s very awesome 3rd birthday 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made this birthday so amazing. I look forward to the next!

Disclaimer: This blog post is neither a sponsored nor paid advertorial. I paid for the cakes in full with my own money. This blog post on cakes was written cos I am sincerely very grateful to my two favourite bakers for being so awesome! And I hope that by sharing their talent in baking and working such wonderful magic, it will help keep them in the business for a long time. I really need them around for a long time!

    1. Hehe. Thank you! The Jungle Bird theme cake is really special cos it has all of Blake’s favourite bird soft toy on them! Hehe.

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